It’s no secret that Los Angeles has a plethora of world class recording studios all around, with many of them having produced some of the most famous records of all time. However, we feel that many of these studios do not cater to the smaller local rock and metal bands. While there are definitely some fantastic studios around the world that focus more on heavy genres, we feel that there is a lack of those in the Los Angeles and greater California area.

In comes Revenant Sound Studios. Co-founded and operated by Will Salazar. Will is the guitarist and main composer of Los Angeles based Progressive Metal band Avant Guardian. He has produced everything on the AG catalog from writing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering, he is a one stop shop for creating a killer record. Having graduated from the Musician’s Institute RIT program in 2007, Will has been a practicing audio engineer ever since.

Revenant Sound Studios is an intimate recording studio for bands to come in and feel confident and comfortable while they create their record. We feel that it’s not all about the gear, it’s about the engineer who knows how to get the sound that you want. Our studio is a place where you and or your band can feel confident that you won’t be spending a fortune at a studio that may not even know how to get the sound that you want.

Are you ready to make a killer record with us?! Contact us today!